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=== Zoe ===
=== Hammie<br>

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  • Wren from 2008 to 2014
  • Modern Wren's first appearance
Wren "Wrennie" MacPherson is the pentagonist of Baby Blues and the youngest child of Wanda and Darryl, and the baby sister to Zoe and Hammie. Because she rarely speaks, she is the least seen or heard in the MacPherson family.


Infancy to Toddler Years


Later Years


Today, Wren is almost always seen wearing her distinctive red, black or purple overalls with a yellow shirt. She also wears pigtails. Like everyone else, she has a large head. Before her redesign, she had three hairs on her head just like her sister when she was a baby. She also has "bulldog cheeks" like her brother. Her eyes are less wide than the cast.



=== Hammie



Even though Wren rarely burps or farts, it was revealed in the March 23, 2018 strip that she was more gassier than Hammie, thus making Hammie saying that she was a brother to him. In the fanfic "Wren's Diary", it was revealed that she watches Youtube videos of people burping without drinking anything and she watches Animaniacs on a regular basis to see Wakko burp.


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